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Liang-Gek Cheng, ‘Samsara-The Great Rebirth’ 2015 Acrylic on Canvas 170×220 cm


Group Painting Exhibition
Proudly curated by Jennifer Soen and Liang-Gek Cheng

Exhibition period: 26-31 October 2016
Venue: ION Gallery, 4th Floor, the ION
Sunjin Galleries is pleased to present this Urban-G group exhibition. The show focuses on the works of five painters, each examining an aspect of our local built or natural physical environment and exploring the social –economic-cultural ethos emanating from it when the country was/is still ‘young’. Through an asserting and stating of what it was like before already purposed by earlier generations of artists and media purveyors, this has now become a bed-rock which shaped our memory, knowledge and historical consciousness of who we are as dwellers of this land. However, as is often said with each succeeding generation of artists and in the words of Eugene Delacroix, the feeling remains that not enough has been said. The title for this show therefore propose to conciliate through the lenses of the present, one mediated by a thoroughly modern and sanitised urban fabric that is now our urbanised selves, to do a relook at these past rubrics again, each in an contemporary take anew.

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